The Go-Getter

Read by Scott Dahlem

(4.4 stars; 40 reviews)

A disabled veteran succeeds as a civilian with persistence and military focus. (Summary by Scott Dahlem) (1 hr 6 min)


01 - Chapter 1 11:25 Read by Scott Dahlem
02 - Chapters 2,3,4 23:35 Read by Scott Dahlem
03 - Chapter 5 31:03 Read by Scott Dahlem



(5 stars)

A polgnant tale, well written and well read. If you shed a tear, you are normal.

Bad reading

(2 stars)

Hard to differentiate between description and discussion. The reader just blends everything into one continuous sentence focusing too much on annunciation of every single letter...

(5 stars)

Such a brief but profound story and so racy and action packed as to cut to the chase of what commitment really shall be done!


(4 stars)

This book is an interesting view with a few twist

(4 stars)

Good little story but the reader lacks sadly on expression!


(5 stars)

One of the greatest inspirational stories ever!