The Book of Dreams and Ghosts

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The Book of Dreams and Ghosts by Andrew Lang is a book mainly focused on the stories of ghosts and other mystical phenomenon. With frequent editorializing and discussion by the author, the work is less a series of supernatural tales and more of an anthropological book centred around bewitching stories of the otherworldly -given the name Psychical Research when Lang was alive. Over the course of fourteen chapters, 79 stories, and two prefaces, Lang manages to keep the reader enchanted with his thoughtful retellings, literary charisma, and exemplary choice in narratives. - Summary by Aiden Javurek Humig (8 hr 33 min)


Preface 19:20 Read by Gloria Loughry
Chapter I 34:35 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter II 35:22 Read by rozk
Chapter III 29:12 Read by Kerry Adams
Chapter IV 28:33 Read by docdlmartin
Chapter V 41:05 Read by Bittonbailey12
Chapter VI 48:36 Read by SomethingClever
Chapter VII 38:45 Read by Caro Davy
Chapter VIII 44:20 Read by mbm0rxi
Chapter IX 35:25 Read by J. Thurgood
Chapter X 34:32 Read by Dan Gurzynski
Chapter XI 43:40 Read by Dan Gurzynski
Chapter XII 31:28 Read by Dan Gurzynski
Chapter XIII 28:36 Read by Radhika Tamhankar
Chapter XIV 19:49 Read by Ben Tucker